Overseas applicants holding a foreign Baccalauréat or High School Diploma

Welcome to IUT Béziers!

You have a foreign nationality and you wish to start or continue your Higher Education studies in France, or specifically at IUT Béziers.

The procedures to be followed depend on your nationality, the country where you obtained your Baccalauréat or High School Diploma, your  place of residence and the course you are applying  for. Please read carefully the following explanation which will point you towards the correct procedure regarding your situation.


If you are applying for a DUT

If you are applying for a Licence Professionnelle

CANDIDATES FROM OUTSIDE THE EUROPEAN UNION AND SWITZERLAND, who have obtained or are about to obtain the High School Diploma

The procedure to be followed depends on the course you are applying for.

If you are applying for a DUT

Applying for licence professionnelle

Other courses  (DU, DAEU, ...)

List of countries with a espace campus france (CEF) and their contact details

Practical Advice

The role of the CROUS is to enhance your student life in a number of areas: catering facilities, accommodation, student grants, social and cultural life, international prospects etc.

Montpellier-Béziers-Sète Crous Site


Visit our Accommodation page

You can also visit the Town of Bézier’s student  internet site.

For a grant to help with accommodation costs visit  the Social Security site of the Caisse d'Allocation Familiale (CAF)


The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs database allows you to check whether you need a visa to come and study in France. Enter the information requested and the system will ask you what type of visa you require and will give you a comprehensive list of documents you need to provide in order to apply for it.


Administative procedures and useful advice for obtaining a student visa.


Descriptions and explanations of the various possible visas for a stay in France during your studies.



Immigration Ministry Site: http://www.immigration.gouv.fr/

Health Insurance

Civil liability Insurance

All students must be covered by Civil Liability Insurance for accidents caused by the student to a third party and/or his property.

This insurance is obligatory for all types of living accommodation.